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3D Laser Scanning

Academic Area: Architecture (Engineering)

Project Leader: Adam FINGRUT

Format of the MM: Video, PDF

Purpose of the MM:

  • Demonstrate how the technology promotes design thinking and facilitates communication of creative ideas through digital media

  • Provides instructions of 3D scanning and demonstrations so that students can follow along

How the MM is used in teaching:

  • Self-learning: Students use the MM as reference and develop methods for the scanning process

Reviewers’ comments on the MM

Instructional design:

“The MM has clear instructions and provides for detailed steps and procedures. The”

Subject Content:

“It clearly present illustrating objects and specify for the objects that are hard to scan (e.g., dark objects).”

Technical Issue:

“Voice Over (VO) performance is great. Overall, it is a well-planned video with good AV quality.”

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