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Completed action “le”

Academic Area: Language (Putonghua)

Project Leader: Liu Zhenxia

Format of the MM: Video, self-assessment

Purpose of the MM:

  • Provide a complementary set of audio-visual materials for the new textbook for beginner’s listening and speaking Putonghua course.

How the MM is used in teaching:

  • Flipped learning: Students study the basic language knowledge in Panopto before class.

Reviewers’ comments on the MM

Instructional Design:

“Good use of pacing to guide student learning.”

“Quizzes are used after introducing one or a few concepts. That is an appropriate plan for segmentation and thinking time for the exercise.”

Subject Content:

“The MM provides formulas of “le”, which is very helpful for students. The explanations of the grammar patterns become very clear.”

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