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Explaining a Medication Error to a Patient

Academic Area: Biomedical Sciences

Project Leader: Isabel HWANG

Format of the MM: Video, exploration activities, self-assessment

Purpose of the MM:

  • Provide specific scenarios for the students who have had minimal to no clinical exposure.

  • Presents clinical situations corresponding to real life problems that may easily occur in Hong Kong.

How the MM is used in teaching:

  • Self-learning: After watching each brief video, the students will then select the most appropriate response to the situation from a list of options

Reviewers’ comments on the MM

Instructional Design:

“After the videos and self-assessment, appropriate feedback and sources of knowledge are provided to clarify the concept.”

Subject Content:

“The MM presents one of the most common scenarios that students will encounter in the future. Videos are used well to set the scene and demonstrate the skills.”

“Supplementary information is also provided to students. It is effective to facilitate students’ knowledge of the topic.”

Technical Issue:

“The actor and actress act very nice.”

“It is nice that provide Chinese subtitles.”

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