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About Us

As stated in CUHK's Academic Development Proposal (ADP) for 2016-2019, institutional advancement in eLearning is one of the University's major directions for development, and the construction of micro-modules to support flipped classroom will be widely promoted. To support these long-term commitments, the Centre for eLearning Innovation and Technology (ELITE) was established in January 2016 to provide support for eLearning projects, Micro-Module Courseware Development (MMCD), and other University’s initiatives such as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

We Are Supported By

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The Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research (CLEAR) aims to advance the University’s excellence and scholarship in teaching and learning. It provides pedagogical consultation, evaluation services and eLearning Community of Practice as well as encourage excellence in teaching and learning so as to maximize the potential of both teachers and students.

The Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC) offers a variety of services to the academic, research and administrative communities of the University. Her service arm does not just stop at technical support and application project development, but stretches to almost all corners of the University in areas like system recommendation, acquisition, installation and subsequent maintenance.


The Knowledge Education & Exchange Platform (KEEP) focuses on developing eLearning tools and content. Hosting over hundreds of online courses, it provides a single platform to facilitate the advanced development of content where it is simple for teachers and students to use new technologies that enhance pedagogy, improve with analytics, and develop a deep and self-reinforcing eLearning community.


Our Team


Prof. Irwin King

Director, ELITE

Lam Lai Chuen.jpeg

Prof. Paul Lam

Associate Director, ELITE


Ms. Judy Lo

Associate Director, ELITE


Mr. Raven Hon

Project Manager, KEEP

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