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ELITE offers the following services to support various levels of eLearning initiatives and projects. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

1. Instructional Multimedia Production

  • We support, create, and develop a multimedia best practices repository and network by supporting department-level eLearning initiatives through MMCDGS and CDGS schemes.​

2. MOOC Development

  • We can help to promote, select, and develop high-quality multimedia content for CUHK MOOCs in trending topics (e.g. Fintech, AI, machine learning, etc).


3. Instructional Design Support

  • Teachers can utilize pedagogical consultation and evaluation services through training, workshops, eLearning Community of Practice, and one-on-one support sessions.

4. Online Learning

  • We flexibly assist various programmes from different levels (i.e. secondary education to master degree programmes) for online delivery of non-credit bearing or other courses.


  • We also help to develop secondary school enrichment and outreach programmes for generalized topics (i.e. Intro to Computer Science) in partnership with CLAP for Youth@JC, CUHK Jockey AI for the Future Project and more.

5. Advanced eLearning Analytics

  • We develop simple and easy-to-process analytics dashboards at the student, teacher, university, and system levels to effectively monitor eLearning at all levels.


  • Advanced data-mining and analytics are provided for specific courses, faculties, and the university to support grant-writing and educational technology research learning & enhancement.

6. Personalized Profile & Learning Paths

  • We can help to create and develop rich learning profiles for students to access personalized learning for the duration of their university career and beyond (integrate career services support content, CLAP, and Soft Skill Mentor with student profiles).

7. VR/AR/MR, Gamification, Geolocation

  • We aim to aid teachers in learning how to use and integrate the latest technologies such as AR/VR/MR, gamification, real-time polling, geolocation into teaching content and the learning environment.

8. Technology Integration

  • We support deeper technology integration with existing services such as KEEP 2.0, VeriGuide, Blackboard, uReply, and other external vendors.

  • We also develop APIs and perform platform upgrade to continuously integrating with the newest education technologies.

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