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A case of diabetic ketoacidosis

Academic Area: Biomedical Sciences

Project Leader: Isabel HWANG

Format of the MM: Animation, Case study

Purpose of the MM:

  • Provide both linkage and progression from year 1 to year 2 medical teaching through pre- and post-class.

  • Provided a more complete e-learning map amongst different years of medical study.

How the MM is used in teaching:

  • Self-learning: The MM is provided for students to self-study before

Reviewers’ comments on the MM

Instructional Design:

“Overall, the MM is a very concise and accurate learning tool.”

“As it uses a case to start, students could use what they learned and apply it to the case.”

Subject Content:

“The subject content is sufficiently rich and provides essential knowledge information.”

“The MM clearly explained the concepts with case studies.”

Technical Issue:

“The MM has clear presentation of all materials. Animation presentation is clear and efficient in part of ‘anion gap in metabolic acidosis’.”


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